22 Apr

Aberdeen Proving Ground Presents Advanced Planning Briefing


Odyssey Consulting learned about the Army’s upcoming contracting needs during the annual Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry at Aberdeen Proving Ground, April 17-20. Over the course of the week, representatives from different APG commands explained organization needs and potential contracts for the near future. The U.S. Army Contracting Command-APG distributes 30,000 contracts a year,totaling $12 billion.

Jeffrey S. White, principal deputy assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, logistics and technology, said the Army is re-evaluating its acquisition and modernization structure and the processes used to deliver advanced capabilities and products, to ensure Soldiers always maintain a decisive advantage. He said the current system is too slow for the information age and the Army needs to move with the speed and innovation of the commercial sector. “We’re working to improve the way we do business in order to make the total Army more lethal, capable and efficient,” White said. “In doing so, we have to make sure the organizations, policies, processes and tasks that consume time, money and manpower deliver real value.”

Panels sessions during the APBI focused on the needs of the Army through the perspectives of general officers, senior executive service members and Warfighters. Breakout sessions for small businesses provided industry members with tips about how to work with APG.

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